Types of Exercises for Fat Loss

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Types of Exercises for Fat Lossexercises for fat loss

Sometimes it can be daunting and overwhelming to know which exercises to do in order to maximise your fat loss results. However no matter what your fitness level or goals, it is best to constantly vary and mix your exercises up in order to shock your body so it always needs to adapt and develop to meet new challenges set. Therefore, we have broken down 3 of the best forms of exercise which will help with fat loss. When performed regularly and in combination with a healthy eating program nothing will stop you from reaching your weight loss goals. If you are new to the world of fat burners, we've also broken down which fat burning supplements are the best to go with each exercise to help increase the body's ability to burn fat as a source of fuel during training and also throughout the whole day. 

Benefits of High Intense Interval Training (HIIT) for fat loss

When performed appropriately high intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great method for reducing unwanted body fat. Intervals of short, explosive effort followed by a recovery phase will raise your heart rate up effectively to use fat as a fuel source rather your lean muscle mass.

Why is HIIT more effective than steady state cardio at reducing body fat?

  • HIIT only requires a short amount of time to perform, ranging between 10-20 minutes because of the stress it puts on your body and energy output require for your effort phases. 
  • Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption, ‘mouth full right?’, other known as the ‘afterburner effect’. EPOC is the process in which after you’ve finished your HIIT session your body will continue on burning more calories while you go about your daily routine. This helps increase your resting metabolism and essentially make your body more effective at using fat as fuel.  

To ensure you’re performing HIIT correctly aim your effort phase to be between 10-20 seconds and your recovery phase 1 - 2 minutes; remember the goal is to manipulate your heart rate for maximum effort, so nearly complete recovery is crucial. In your recovery phase ensure you’re ‘recovering’ this means snail pace effort and big breaths in and out. From a lower heart rate reading you will be able to output a more explosive amount of energy spiking your heart rate through the roof!

Best Fat Burners for HIIT Exercise 

When performing HIIT taking a fat loss supplement can help break through periods of plateau in which your body will hold onto fat, rather than utilize as fuel. Combining HIIT and a fat burner will work to complement each other and ensure consistent progress with your body composition goals. 

A top fat burner to help boost your energy, and help push you through those high intense intervals is EHP Labs Oxyshred. Oxyshred is a potent and advanced thermogenic fat burner which will work in increasing your energy levels, assist your body to source fat to eliminate stubborn body fat, burn more calories, increase focus and improve mood, suppress appetite and increase the body’s fat burning process.

If you want more information about Oxyshred and its benefits you can see a further break down on our Oxyshred Review.

Buy EHP Labs Oxyshred here | See Oxyshred Customer Reviews

Benefits of Fasted Cardio for fat loss

Fasted cardio is typically performed on an empty stomach (in the mornings after waking up) or at least 4 hours after your previous meal. Being in a fasted state your body starts to utilise fat stores as fuel to push you through your workout. Fasted cardio can be performed no matter your age or fitness level. 

Best Fat Burners for Fasted Cardio

Combining supplements such as the Fasted Cardio Stack will enhance your body's ability of using fat as primary source of fuel rather than muscle tissue. Our fasted cardio stack contains ATP Science's AMP-V and Subcut as well as Pro Clinical ALCAR will work in synergy with your body during your fasted cardio session in order to help break down stored fat and metabolise it efficiently as a source of fuel. The Fasted Cardio Stack can help enhance the fat loss process by increasing energy and stamina, supporting fat metabolism and improving endurance. The Fasted Cardio Stack is the perfect combination to help you train with consistent power while being in a fasted state.

If you want more information about the best fat burners and how they work when performing fasted cardio see our blog on the best fat burners for Fasted Cardio.

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Benefits of Resistance training for fat loss

Resistance training is a great method to help burn unwanted and stubborn body fat.

Resistance training (weights) creates micro tears in the muscle fibres, in which post training your body will work to repair or replace the muscles fibres. In doing so your body will need to burn more calories for energy. This process of repair can take up to 24-48 hours; which means when your body will continue to burn calories even whilst you’re sitting down, at work or sleeping, in order to fuel the repairing process. Resistance training is the most effective way of reshaping your physique for tone and definition while creating lean muscle mass and reducing body fat.

Best fat burner to combine with resistance training

In order to ensure your body continues to utilize fat as its primary source of fuel and help with overall muscle recovery and fatigue, Bioflex by Biofurnace is a perfect fat burning protein to take after your session. BioFurnace is a high protein and low carb supplement which will work to refuel your muscle tissue whilst also containing fat burning ingredients which will enhance the body's ability to use fat as that source of fuel. 

Buy BioFurnace by Bioflex | See BioFurnace Customer Reviews

As you can see no matter which exercises you choose to perform, combined with the right supplements and a healthy nutrition regime you can reap fantastic fat loss results. There are many tools (fat burning supplements, nutritional plans and exercises) in our toolbox that we can use to reduce body fat. However these methods and forms of exercises are not the only ways to achieve fat loss, and are not set in stone. There are many forms of exercise which can achieve great results. We believe that if you find a method you enjoy that yields results and makes you feel good then continue with it. You can be stubborn about your goals but flexible with your methods. 

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