Our Supplementation Guide for Fat Loss

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Our Smart Supplement Guide for Fat Loss.

EHP Labs SupplementsWe hope our supplementation guide gives you a comprehensive overview on how you can utilise smart supplementation to reach your goal of a fit, toned and healthy physique. The supplements and supplement timing we recommend are designed to enhance your hard work in the gym and in the kitchen, so that you get the fat loss result you’re looking for! 

A Quick Snapshot of Supplement Timing for Fat Loss

Here is what a typical day of supplementation for fat loss might look like. Supplement timing is incredibly important and can help to make your fat loss journey a lot smoother by helping you to maximise energy and fat loss during the day and during exercise as well as helping to reduce hunger and cravings. This time line is an example only and should be always be tweaked to suit your personal goals. Before we get started, the golden rule of fat loss is ALWAYS water! Drinking a minimum of 2.2L H2O per day is absolutely essential for losing weight. Not only does it help with fluid metabolism and reducing some cravings, it helps to flush the waste product of oxidised (burnt) fat out of your body as well as other toxins that can hinder your fat loss progress.

When to take your supplements for fat loss

Before we get started, the golden rule of fat loss is ALWAYS water! Drinking a minimum of 2.2L H2O per day is absolutely essential for losing weight. Not only does it help with fluid metabolism and reducing some cravings, it helps to flush the waste product of oxidised (burnt) fat out of your body as well as other toxins that can hinder your fat loss progress.

Upon waking: 

  • Thermogenic Fatburner – (1 serve) Something to speed up metabolism/increase daily calorie burn (eg. Oxyshred, Hydroxycut)
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – (2 grams) ALCAR will help to target body fat for fuel (powder, capsule or liquid form)


  • Protein Shake – (1 serve with water - high protein, low carb, low fat). This is optional – if you are eating a high protein breakfast you may leave this one out. Will help to increase satiety, protect and build lean muscle tissue. 
  • Prana On Super Greens - (1 scoop) Increase nutrient density in diet, reduce cravings, support immune health
  • Glutamine - (5 grams/1 teaspoon) To aid muscle recovery and improve Gut health
  • CLA – (2 capsules) will aid to mobilize hard to move adipose fat from the stomach and thighs into the bloodstream where the body can oxidise (burn) it as fuel. 
  • ATP Science Multifood - (3 Capsules) to provide cruicial vitamins and minerals and assist to provide stable sustained energy throughout the day. 


  • CLA – (2 capsules)

Pre Training: 

  • Thermogenic Fatburner – (1 serve) – be aware these contain stimulants, reduce your dose or remove if training at night if sleeping becomes a problem
  • Acetyl Carnitine – (2 grams)
  • Subcut – Apply liberally to your problem areas. Ensure Subcut is only applied before periods of physical activity.

During Training:

  • BCAAs – (1 serve) will fuel your workout, reduce muscle loss, increase fat loss and aid in recovery 

Post Training: 

  • Protein Shake – (1 serve with water - high protein, low carb, low fat). Consume 30 minutes after training.
  • Glutamine - (5 grams/1 teaspoon) 
  • Block E3 – Apply liberally to estrogen dominant areas after showering (see description below) 


  • CLA – (2 capsules)

NOTE – If you are struggling with ‘sweet or carb’ cravings introduce a simple Chromium supplement 30 minutes before the typical timing of these events to stabilise blood sugar levels and stop these cravings. 

What Supplements to take for Fat Loss

These are the handful of supplements that are generally suitable for anybody starting out on a fat loss journey. This is a basic overview, and we always recommend talking to someone in the know before diving in head first. Every body is different and supplements should be recommended based on your personal hormonal profile, tolerance for caffeine, medical requirements etc. 

Oxyshred by EHP LabsStart with a Thermogenic Fat Burner

A high quality Thermogenic Fat Burner such as Oxyshred is the perfect addition to your fat loss regime. Oxyshred contains a high quality blend of ingredients that work synergistically to push your body to burn more calories during the day. Oxyshred works to increase your metabolism, increase thermogenesis and reduce cravings/hunger.

Acetyl L-CarnitinePair the above with Acetyl L Carnitine aka ALCAR

Acetyl L Carnitine or ALCAR is a natural non-stimulant product that works perfectly in combination with a Calorie Burning Thermogenic fat burner. ALCAR in essence helps to ensure a higher percentage of the calories you are burning during the day are coming from fat deposits and not from muscle tissue. ALCAR works by  binding to fat molecules and helping to transport the fat cells into the mitochondria where the body can utilize the fat as a source of energy. 

Pro Clinical CLAAdd some Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) for the hard bits

CLA is another Natural non stimulant fat burner that makes a great addition to your other fat loss supplements. CLA is a form of fast digesting fatty acid that promotes the release of fat burning enzymes that will help to target and burn body fat. CLA has been clinically shown to reduce adipose tissue or stubborn hard to move fat on the mid-section and thighs. Studies have also established that a clinical dose of CLA can increase lean muscle tissue, boost your metabolism, and support healthy immune function. 

Biofurnace by BioflexGo for a low carb, low fat high Protein shake post training for recovery

A high-quality Whey Protein shake post training can help to repair micro-tears we create in the muscle tissue during strenuous exercise. This allows us to build lean muscle tissue which in turn can help to increase our metabolism and promote fat loss. The protein we recommend for fat loss is a Low Carbohydrate, Whey Protein Blend called Biofurnace, it contains both fast and slow digesting protein (all sourced from AUS & NZ grass fed, hormone free cattle) making it perfect for not only post workout muscle recovery but also as a snack, or part of your daily protein intake. It also contains 10 added thermogenic ingredients that are designed to increase your metabolism, balance blood sugar, increase insulin sensitivity, reduce cravings and increase satiety. Not to mention that it tastes great with a rich, creamy taste. 

https://www.fatburnersonly.com.au/atp-science/40-subcut-block-e3-atp-science.htmlTake it to the next level with ATP Science Subcut and Block E3

With their ground breaking transdermal cream Subcut ATP Science has unlocked the ability to “spot reduce” fat deposits. When applied to the areas you wish to target the most, Subcut works by mobilizing subcutaneous fat deposits (fat below the skin) directly into the blood stream to be oxidized (burnt) as a source of energy. Subcut is perfect for those struggling with a plateau and wanting a natural effective product to kick start their fat loss again, or for the competitive athlete looking to bring out their muscle definition and striations in the short weeks before stepping on stage. Once the subcutaneous fat is mobilized into the blood stream it is crucial to utilize that “freed up” fat as a source of energy to prevent it from redepositing itself back onto the body. As such Subcut is at it’s most effective when applied just after your thermogenic fat burner or just before physical activity.

ATP Science’s Block E3 is a high quality, powerful, transdermal cream. All of the ingredients in Block E3 are carefully tested to ensure they can break through the skin barrier and into the stored fat deposit beneath the skin. It is most effective when applied to Xeno-Estrogen typical fat deposits see image with highlighted deposits below. Once the Block E3 reaches the Xeno-Estrogen fat deposit it works by inhibiting estrogen receptors which effectively metabolizes the Xeno-Estrogen deposit back into a regular fat deposit that can be recognized and utilized by the body as a viable fuel source. Block E3 also helps to reduce estrogen related fluid retention giving the skin a firmer and more toned appearance.

Every day & Everybody Supplementation (The Basics)

These supplements are those we recommended for everybody no matter your goal. They will help to fill in nutritional gaps in your diet, they will also help to support your immune system, digestive processes and general heath.

super greens by Prana OnGet some Super Greens

Greens supplements are full of concentrated nutrients and minerals from spirulina, chlorella, wheat & barley grass, dark cruciferous greens as well as other fruits and veggies. A high quality greens supplement will help to fill in any nutrient gaps in your diet which can help to reduce cravings and improve your immune health. In addition, they are packed full of powerful antioxidants which will help to scavenge and remove toxins and fatty acids from your system. This means your body can continue to burn fat and/or build muscle more efficiently and for a longer period of time. 

L-Glutamine by ATP ScienceGlutamine it does a bunch of great stuff!

When we perform strenuous exercise or are experiencing medium/high levels of stress (whether it be personal, work, health related or other) our bodies Glutamine levels become depleted which can make our immune and digestive processes vulnerable to attack. Glutamine is also responsible for transporting protein to the muscle tissue to repair micro-tears we create during exercise. By supplementing with Glutamine we can improve not only our muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness, but also improve our digestive and immune health.  

https://www.fatburnersonly.com.au/atp-science/137-multi-food-atp-science.htmlThe best Multi Vitamin because it's not like it used to be

A high quality multivitamin is a great supplement for anybody’s everyday use. Unfortunately, today’s soil does not contain as many nutrients and minerals as it used to and much of our fruit and vegetables are kept in cold stores for months before arriving on our supermarket shelves making it very hard to get all of our vital vitamins and  minerals with our food alone. A multivitamin supplement helps to fill in any nutritional gaps in your diet, can also help with sustained energy and reduced stress levels.  

We hope this guide can help to empower you to make smart supplementation decisions based on your personal goals and needs! If you have any questions about which supplements to take or when to take them, please do not hesitate to contact us via email for a personalized FREE supplementation timeline. Thanks for reading! 


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