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The entire PranaON range, formulated by accomplished natural athlete INBA Mr. Universe Billy Simmonds, is 100% plant based and designed to support fit and active lifestyles. It includes award-wining protein blends, prana on protein recipes, workout supplements, inner health products and high-protein vegan snacks. Each protein blend is crafted with plant based proteins and digestive enzymes for optimal assimilation and results. Caring for your health, the animals and our planet.

Plant Based Proteins

PranaON's full-spectrum range of plant based proteins ensures that there is something to match your health and fitness goals, whether it be to burn fat, gain lean muscle, increase energy or majorly bulk up. They also cater to a broad range of dietary needs including gluten free, dairy free, soy free, sugar free and paleo. All of PranaON's products are always 100% vegan. Formulated for performance, Power Plant Protein is the best-seller in  the range. It is a comprehensive blend of three plant based proteins enhanced with branched chain amino acids, probiotics, digestive enzymes, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and adaptogens, to support peak performance, lean muscle growth and optimum recovery. 


Workout Supplements

PranaON's workout supplements include a natural pre-workout, Pure Boost, and a complex BCAA blend, Intra Strength, to offer a cleaner and more natural approach to fuelling your body for best results. They provide the natural energy boost needed to improve workout performance and the nutrients needed for endurance, optimal recovery and repair.


Inner Health Supplements

PranaON also offers comprehensive inner health blends to take your health to the next level. Their Super Greens is a synergistic formula of sprouts, grasses and algae to alkalise, cleanse and detoxify for optimal health and well-being. In addition, Multi Force is a nutritional powerhouse with all key vitamins and minerals, trace elements, fibre and probiotics to support immunity, cognitive function and overall health.

PranaON also have a new healthy snack range which include delicious Prana On Vegan Protein Balls, and there's more to come.

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  • Intra Strength - Prana ON
    Intra Strength - Prana ON
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  • Multi Force - Prana On
    Multi Force - Prana On
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    • Buy 3 N$37.52 ea

    Multi Force Benefits:Powerful multi vitamin blendContains trace elements, antioxidants and fibre with pre and probioticsProtects & boosts immunityImproves recovery and cognitive functionPlant basedVegan and vegetarian friendlyGluten and soy free

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  • Natural Mass by Prana On
    Natural Mass by Prana On
    • Buy 1 N$85.77 ea
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    • Buy 3 N$83.62 ea

    Natural Mass by Prana On Please note this product is designed for our customer with a lean muscle gain goal and is not usually appropriate for those trying to lose fat. If you would like some guidance finding the right protein to suit your goals Contact Us.  We stock very few mass gaining products on the website and have chosen only the best for our...

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  • Organic Pure Protein by Prana On
    Organic Pure Protein by Prana On
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    • Buy 3 N$87.96 ea

    Organic Pure Protein by Prana On

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  • Phyto Fire Protein - Prana On
    Phyto Fire Protein by Prana On
    • Buy 1 N$73.91 ea
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    • Buy 3 N$70.80 ea

    Phyto Fire Protein Benefits:Raw organic Vegan friendly Gluten, Peanut & Soy free Natural sweetened Meal replacement Increases energy Low calories Raspberry Ketones Matcha Green Tea Post work out recovery Aids with weight loss Fat Burning ingredients Contains Acetyl L-Carnitine

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  • Power Plant Protein - Prana On
    Power Plant Protein by Prana On
    • Buy 1 N$71.76 ea
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    • Buy 3 N$68.64 ea

    Power Plant Protein Power Plant Protein is a plant-based protein fat burner from Prana On. The Product comes majorly in three sizes: 400g, 1kg, 3kg. The Prana One Protein supplement is Vegan and suitable for use by vegetarians, the supplement contains amino acids that optimally aid the process of muscle growth.

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  • Power Plant Protein Discount by Prana ON
    Power Plant Protein Original 400g by Prana ON
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    Power Plant Protein Discount by Prana ON

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  • Prana On Protein Balls (Box of 14)
    Prana On Protein Balls (Box of 14)
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    • Buy 3 N$51.42 ea

    Vegan Protein Balls by Prana On Box of 14  Prana On Vegan Protein Balls are perfect Vegans and everybody alike! Anybody looking for a delicious, high protein, healthy snack should defenitly consider these tasty treats as their next protein snack of choice!

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  • Primal Protein - Prana On
    Primal Protein - Prana On
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    • Buy 3 N$71.87 ea

    Primal Protein Benefits:Lean muscle tone Raw organic Paleo & vegan friendly Supports delicate digestive systems Gluten, peanut, soy & GMO free Naturally sweetened Meal replacement Low calories Post work out recovery

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  • Pure Boost - Prana On
    Pure Boost - Prana On
    • Buy 1 N$73.96 ea
    • Buy 2 N$72.40 ea
    • Buy 3 N$70.74 ea

    Pure Boost Benefits:         Increase Energy          Increase focus          Improve strength          Increase thermogenesis          Mood Enhancer          Boost Metabolism          Enhance Fat loss

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  • Super Greens - Prana ON
    Super Greens - Prana ON
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    • Buy 3 N$34.25 ea

    Super Greens Benefits:Boost Immunity Improve digestion Vegan & Vegetarian friendly Full of antioxidants Detox drin Contains digestive enzymes Organic & Natural product

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  • Tribal Force - Prana On
    Tribal Force Protein Prana On
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    • Buy 3 N$80.45 ea

    Tribal Force Protein Benefits:Includes Hemp Protein Lean muscle tone Raw organic Vegan friendly Supports sensitive digestive systems Gluten, peanut, soy & GMO free Naturally Flavoured & Sweetened Made in Australia  Low calories Post work out recovery 

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